Nexeon! That’s what I’m talk’in BOUT!

I emailed the Nexeon abuse email today and this is their reply!


The client who had this range with us has had their account terminated and has been marked on a shared list between many hosting companies as an abusive user.

We thank you for your report and apologize for any inconvienances caused by this.

Kind Regards,

Sean Pinder
Nexeon Technologies, Inc.


Did you catch that?  FINALLY a service provider who:

  1. Responds timely
  2. Doesn’t pull punches with their customer
  3. Cuts service off or addresses the issue as it should be until resolved

Now…don’t get too excited.  Looks like they too are moving to a derpy web form to report abuse BUT they still accept email to the abuse email on the whois lookup (like they should!) and they also mention it on the link to report abuse so I’ll give them a passing grade.

Cheers to you Nexeon and thanks Sean for whacking hacked abusive servers!


What was the abuse you might be asking?

I had a client who had an “auto responder” enabled on her email, some call them “out of office” or “vacation responses”.  Whatever you call it, an email comes in and one goes out that says:  “Hi, I’m on vacation until December 31st…blah blah blah”.

If I’m a spammer I can leverage this by crafting a spoofed or fake email or maybe even a real email with a “reply to:” address that’s DIFFERENT every time…a.k.a the spammer list.  So the auto responder reply’s back and usually has (but not always) the body of the original message in it.

So the unsuspecting spammed person gets an out of office reply plus a nice spam message about Viagra in the body of the email.

That’s what was happening at Nexeon and they squashed it!  That type of spam by the way is called “backscatter” and could have landed my client on the backscatter list but we handled it once it was identified.

We added the Nexeon blocks to our IPBL: # Nexeon Technologies # Nexeon Technolgies # Nexeon Technolgies

We’ll be blocking them until further notice even though they were pretty good I still don’t trust them and have no reason to 😉

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