No wonder the hackers are winning!

I put in an abuse report a moment ago with a company named QuadraNet:

I put this down for a while and had to come back to it, it’s been several day snow and I still haven not heard back.  Here is their auto responder to my inquiry about abuse:


Your abuse report has been submitted to our Abuse Department.


Ensure that all abuse reports contain a single IP address in the body of your email. Failure to provide an IP address will cause a delay in abuse processing and multiple IP addresses may cause a delay in abuse processing.

Our typical reaction time is 72 hours. If your abuse issue isn’t handled within 96 hours please respond to this message or call us at: +1 213-614-9371 x1

You can also mail your report to our address:

Abuse Team
QuadraNet Inc
530 W 6th Street Suite 901
Los Angeles, CA 90014


It seems to me that IT departments can be lazy and overall uninterested in actually doing anything about abuse from their networks.  Why?  Because it doesn’t on the surface have a ROI.  The investment of time to whack a hacked servers or keep your network clean doesn’t seem to make sense to most large ISP’s and VPS’s.  They would be creating a problem for paying customers.  Therein lies the problem!

Quadranet losers create barriers and excuses.  Look at the reply:

1 – “Ensure that all abuse reports contain a single IP address in the body of your email”.  Lame, sure a single IP makes sense and who wouldn’t put it in there but are you seriously going to NOT do something about an abuse report if it contains the IP in the subject?  I’d hope not!  Why would multiple IP addresses be a problem?  Do they really want 10 separate abuse emails?  Come on!  I’d much rather have everything in one email with logs or copy paste logs so I could follow up on it myself (if I were them).

2 – Their typical reaction time is 72 hours…WTF?  Is that because the security team has the weekend off or you’ve got one person there part time?  If it’s not handled in 96 hours call LOL!!!  Are you kidding me?  Meanwhile…your zombie is attacking the Internet!

3 – Laughable, you can “mail” your request?  They mean postal mail ha ha ha ha…can’t write enough LOL’s on that!  This is absurd!


The worst offender in all of this I think I’ve ever seen is Virgin.  They are the ABSOLUTE worst for convenient reporting of abuse.  They want you to not use traditional methods of reporting abuse via the whois abuse email that should be listed on their whois record!

They want you to go here:  Virgin Media Abuse Link

…then you need to fill out a silly web form.  AFTER they read it, if it passes all their requirements (which it won’t I’m sure) they can justify their laziness and not do anything about it.

Thanks Quadranet, thanks Virgin Media…no wonder the hackers are winning!

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