Brute Force Losers

Brand new hacker loser testing the tripwire.  I think things are heating up with me blabbing about taking it to the hacker losers.  They are attacking my website by name LOL.  Bring it on hacker losers.  I will contact every $&%^#@’ing ISP on the planet as I see you and report you.  You harass me and I’ll harass you back!  Let the take down begin.  I will cut you off at the knees because the ISP’s won’t stand for this kind of abuse once they have a big fat tattle tale like me calling them.

Brute Foce Hacker Losers
Aliyun Computing Co is the ISP. I emailed them, lets see what they say!


This was an FTP blast.  Come on…seriously?  So childish.  I am blocking your entire network now idiots until I hear back from the ISP’s abuse email which is:  “guowei.pangw [at]”.  Oh and by the way alibaba…do you have a hacked network?  Maybe you need our services?

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