Whackers for Hackers is LIVE!

Whackers for Hackers is now live, we’ve got a GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/29dqxfhw

Our goal is to cut the access points off for hackers to use by monitoring our systems online, seeing them attacking, finding the access points (Internet Services Providers, hacked web servers, hacked email servers, etc) and contacting the responsible party for that access. We might also possibly litigate or take up litigation to have them shut down if necessary.

We think this is the ONLY way to diminish the hackers – don’t just block them on your firewall, attack their access!

One thought on “Whackers for Hackers is LIVE!

  1. It is about time someone got proactive rather reactive on hacking.
    This is the most socially responsible crowd funding project I have ever seen. Sending you money now.

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